About Me

Hi! I’m Elijiah!
Welcome to my blog: Think, Learn and Live.Gravatar

– About ThinkLearnLive –
I am convinced that, as rational human beings, we ought to critically examine all aspects of our lives. I may not think that “the unexamined life is not worth living“, but I do think the unexamined life is not a life being lived to its fullest.

My interests include the practical applications of well thought-out philosophy.
Maybe I’m a semi-pragmatic analytic philosopher?
I like to explore the intersection of philosophy and biology; which lands this blog in the realm of bioethics, biotechnology and environmental philosophy. I will also include some of my papers I’ve written during my time at school.

– About Me –
I am a follower of Jesus Christ, a husband and a father. I graduated with a bachelors degree (from SUNY Buffalo State) in biology with a minor in philosophy in 2013.

I also contribute to the HashtagApologetics blog (click here for my HtA posts).

– Social Networks –
Twitter: @ElijiahT
Instagram: @ElijiahT
Good Reads: Elijiah Thompson
Facebook:  Elijiah Thompson
Ello: @elijiaht
Vine: ElijiahT
Pinterest: Elijiah Thompson
Tsu: @ElijiahT
Linkedin: Elijiah Thompson

Educational Videos:
Project ED “How Small is a Cell?” contest winner

My work on other sites:
Pillars Institute: Rethinking Aristotle: The Unwarranted Rejection Of Final Causation In Modern Evolutionary Biology
Theology Mix: A Manual for Creating [Totally Unreasonable] Atheists
Theology Mix: Genetic Engineering and Human Children

Appearances on podcasts:
The Herd Mentality Podcast – Episode 16: Invasion of the Theists
Faith and Skepticism – The Kalam Cosmological Argument
Faith and Skepticism – Live Debate: Is the Bible the Word of God?
Faith and Skepticism – The Importance of Philosophy
Atheist and Secular Debate – The probability of the existence of the Christian God



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